What we have for homework…….!

YES… you have homework! 

This page will provide information about expectations in regard to homework. If you have any questions, do so by leaving a comment and I will get back to you.

Our SMART LEARNING BEAVIOUR and HABITS OF THE MIND focus upon your ability to use class time efficiently, ask for help to manage your learning and understand the importance of being organised.

We use our student diary to help us create a homework plan.

This will include our home reading routine so don’t forget to UPDATE YOUR READING LOG. Additional homework tasks will be added as the need arises.

You are also expected to visit our class blog and leave a comment on one of the posts. Even better…I would welcome mum or dad’s comments.

Weekly homework is sorted into 3 types:

1: Overdue Work:This may require some lunchtime catch up if exrtremely overdue.

2: This Week: This can be achieved if you use your class time and homework diary effectively.

3: Hands On Homework: This is optional and is not set every week.


Extremely Overdue Items:

  • Draft copy of “The Wall ” writer’s notebook work.

 This week’s…’Work on the Go’ :

  1. Complete double page in portfolio on the Australian Government.

This weeks ………Hands On Homework

Preparing for Solar Boat Challenge. work  with your team  to  prepare for the challenge, collect polystyrene and a storage box. 

6 thoughts on “What we have for homework…….!

  1. Hi Mrs Soutter!
    Are both the grade fives and the grade sixes reading response due tomorrow? I think that it is great to have a homework blog because now I won’t forget any of my homework unless I don’t look on the homework website. It should be the same for everyone else in the class.
    From Ella.

    • Hi Ella,
      All the Grade 5s and 6s are working on a response about the theme of their books and comments are due tomorrow. You will describe the theme (eg ‘friendship’ ‘determination’) etc using the list I gave you and how it relates to the book. Then you will write your opinion about the themes or issues in the book and perhaps what you think the author’s message is. We will be refining the comment in library time tomorrow so don’t worry if you find it difficult – just have a go. Don’t spend too long on it; half an hour is plenty. Have a good night.
      From Mrs Soutter

  2. Hi Mrs Soutter!
    The strangest thing just happened to me. I was doing some Mathletics tasks that you had assigned me and I was doing the test when all of the sudden, the computer started typing answers in for me! It wasn’t even numbers; it just kept typing letters for me! As soon as it started playing up, I took my hands off the keyboard and it kept doing it for at least two different times! After a bit I decided that the internet was getting very slow so I just left it. Talk about crazy!
    From Ella.

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