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  1. Dear Reader,
    This year’s cross country for me was the best ….yet. Although I did not come in the top ten it was still a great experience.In some cases I am really happy that some of the others got in and will hope that they try their hardest at the district. Overall the day was a really great opportunity for all of us to have a fun and joyful day.
    – Callum

  2. Dear Jamie, Mrs Soutter and 5B.
    What a lovely comment Jamie. I miss the Galloway Man too. And yes, he never needed to cheat cos Galloway were always such great competitiors.
    I hope you enjoyed the cross country run. It is quite a tough challenge. Running 3 kilometres, I know I couldn’t do it.
    I hope your year is enjoyable cos you are having success because you are all working to the best of your ability.
    My little class of Year 1 students has their Sports Day tomorrow, but I don’t think the Galloway Man will be there to hand out the special speedy formula tablets to make them go faster.
    Keep safe and well and DYB (do you best).
    Mr Ward

  3. Dear grade 5,
    Goooooooooooo devlin!
    I loved the cross country. Running is a hobby of mine and I really enjoy it. I came second in the school run. It was sooo much fun going to district too.

    from Jess. 🙂 🙂

  4. Hello 5B

    We liked watching the cross crountry video because you were all enjoying yourselves.

    From Ethan and Dan (Lingwood Primary)

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