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On Wednesday 14th November New Gisborne Primary School hosted a Fun Run. The students of New Gisborne waited in the Gym for the run to start. Allan was talking to the school about her daughter and said Zaidee would be looking down at us this very minute. The grade prep to one ran in the middle of the oval and the rest of the school ran around the school. We had Allan the father of a little girl called Zaidee come to start the run off.


Zaidee was a little seven year old girl and decided she wanted to be an organ and tissues donar. Sadly she passed away seven months later at the age of seven because of a burst blood vessel in the brain called a Cerebral Aneurism.  By Zaidee donating her organs she saved the lives of 7 people (6 Children and 1 adult). She has been a donar for five years now. In 2004 230,000 people died and only 218 people were a donar. The group is encouraging children to become an organ and tissue donar and help the lives of people who need it. Some people have been on the waiting list for at least one year and one day finally that day would come for their life to change. This link is to the official zaides website. You can see zaidee’s story, how to help and other exiting events coming up. Zaidee bear is the foundations mascot and Zaidee bear goes everywhere with the Foundation like fun runs. The run fun at our school had a costume made jumbo Zaidee bear. One of zaides founders is a marathon runner and he is doing the 7 marathon across 7 content to raise awareness for organ and tissue donation.  Matt is currently in Antarctica doing a marathon. He trained for this advent by going down to the gisborne food works and went in the freezer in all his gear and trained on the treadmill.  Our school wishes Matt all the best for the marathon and we wish the Zaidee’s rainbow foundation all the best with thier fundraising. Please remember to go on the Zaidee’s Rainbow foundation website.

–          Brie, Callum, Maddie.

Solar Boats – The Solar Blue

Our boat is called “The Solar Blue”, based after the Blue Bird, one of the fastest boats in the world

Dear Quad Bloggers,

Every year the grade 5s and 6s work in groups to build solar boats. We have to use solar panels to make the boat go faster. But that isn’t all; we also have to use motors, propellers, circuits and top of all that we have to follow rules and regulations. Most of the boat’s parts have to be put together in a correct form. We also have to put into account the aqua-dynamic s of the boat.

We have to make our boat in such a way that the circuits are powered by the solar energy and goes faster than any other boat. We have the equipment to create a high powered circuit that has two parts to it. The series and parallel circuit. So far our group has found a series circuit that starts under the sun. We are still researching the parallel circuit but we hope to have it sooner or later.

We have decided on a designed hull that is straight and stream-lined. We tested this with a tub of water and set the boat to sail. Even though it is not so fast yet because we don’t have the circuits and the motor connected to it, it is still a reliable design because our circuit is a fast and powerful circuit.

We have also started a compulsory poster that explains all the compartments of the boat. We have to use drawings diagrams pictures and follow a lot of criteria… Let us all hope that the Solar Blue, prevails in the race.

Do you think that The Solar Blue is a good name, if not, any other suggestions? If so, please leave a comment below.
By Courtney, A.J, Shaun, Jake and Hugh.

Solar Boats – The Sunflower

The Sunflower




This year the grade 5 and 6’s are building solar boat’s this is where we make boats out of polystyrene. Over many weeks we are constructing the boat. We then have to make a poster that has all of the information about our boat. The whole group records down what they have learnt. Each person has to fill out a quarter of the booklet.  We have come up with a name for the boat we have come up with the name the sunflower named after the boat Mayflower as we are using solar energy and we need the sun we think it should be named the Sunflower.


On the boat we have to include two circuits and a hull.  A hull is a body of a ship or boat. The structure of a hull varies depending on the vessel. On a normal vessel these days you would see a steel hull that means it is watertight.  Watertight is where it has strong resistance from leaks these days it has more reactance compared to when we did not have as much recourse’s to make watertight boats .In a typical wooden boat, the hull is made of wooden planks and supported by frame‘s .The features of a hull go’s from a square to a sharp point these also varies for what they are used for. Therefore for our hull we are making a polystyrene base for this we need to cut it into an appropriate shape for a hull I think we will do it into a square shape we are trying to figure out how we are going to make it watertight but we have many solutions.


There are two kinds of circuits a simple electric circuit is made up at high voltage or low voltage source and a register.  Here, V= iR, according to a well known law [Ohm’s law] an electrical circuit in a special type of network, one that has a closed loop guiding a return path for the current.

By Lachie, Callum, Brie and Maddie.

Solar Boats

Dear Quad blogging buddies

This year we have started a new project called solar boats. We build boats out of recycle materials such as polystyrene then race them in two weeks. They are powered from solar panels which collect photons- particles of sunlight- which are turned into DC electrons- direct current- which are then turned into AC electrons which power the boat. AC electrons are the type of electrons that power your light switches and power points in your home or classroom. The boats are made by us only. If we get any help from teacher or parent you get disqualified. We use lots of equipment and we do sessions every day.

What do you think we should call the boat?

Do you do solar boats or any type of solar experience in you school or life?

By Jess, Bonnie, Alex and Jack


Dear Quadblogging Buddies,

Every year the senior levels of our school go off to a reserve in the bush to do an activity called Orienteering, for about 3 hours. Orienteering is a fun and interesting way of testing our map reading skills, a vital skill that we are learning about in the Mathematic area of education. We choose a map between numbers 1 and 26 and we have to trek around the area to find the markers recorded on our maps. It may sound slightly dull, but the last few maps are really tricky and long. Map 26 took about 2 hours to complete; but lots of people attempted it anyway. We had to set off deep into the bush and even off track to what seemed like the wilderness. Everyone had lots of fun walking through the bush. All of us in Grade 5B are really excited and are anticipating a wonderful time next year, in 2013.

By AJ, Hugh, Jack and Jake

school pride day


Dear blogging buddies,

  My name is Alex and I go to New Gisborne Primary School. On the 14th of September we had a school pride day where we all helped clean up the school and plant some plants. The Year 5s had to weed the garden and sweep the path. On school pride my Dad came to help us weed the garden and we got it done a lot faster. After we had finished our jobs the parents got coffee in the canteen and we got icy poles. Also on that day it was my birthday and I turned 11.

Lunch Time Fun

At New Gisborne Primary School we have activities at lunch times.
My favourite days are Tuesday and Thursday because the library is open.
The Librarian, Mrs Douglas, is there to help you choose books, play board games and activities like colouring.
You can also go there to read quietly or to meet new friends.
If you do not know how to play a game, like chess, then Mrs Douglas will help you learn how to play.
I like best that you get to play new games that you haven’t tried before with new friends.

By Bonnie

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School pride day is where all grades come together and make our school cleaner. We also put new plants in our school garden. All the year levels have a specific area that we have to make look better. It is not just outside we clean up inside to. We do this for about an hour and a half at the end our school looks great. I think this is a great event as it makes our school look nice and we also have some fun along the way. Sometimes we even put new equipment like swings ect.

We also have clubs like green up clean up where once and a while this club cleans up our school and other things. After school pride day we get a treat like an icy pole or something yummy like that. I think that is probably the best bit as it is a good reward for a big clean up day. Some parents also come and bring their tools and are a helpful hand.

Last year in grade 4 we had a thing called kitchen garden that is where we get food from our little garden. There are three groups one group is where we learn about health. The next one is where we are gardening. And the last activity is cooking. After that we eat the food. We change activates weekly. I enjoyed the health session the most as it gave us a good induction of healthy things ect. I think it is a great activate as you learn a lot about health you also learn how to cook and help out in the garden with your mum and dad or whoever it is. I think it also is a good as it gets you outside in the sun and get a little bit of exercise.

By Lachie

Coach Approach

Coach Approach
On the 19th of October New Gisborne Primary School is taking part in a School program called Coach Approach. Coach Approach is an incursion for years 3 – 6 that happens during ‘National Health and P.E week’. Coach Approach is where real international athletes teach us to play the sport they compete in. Last year the sports included Handball, Lacrosse, Hip Hop, Taekwondo, Ultimate Frisbee and a Fitness circuit. My favourite sport to play was Ultimate Frisbee. I really liked doing this because I got to experience an interesting sport that not many people play and I got to learn the correct technique to use a Frisbee. My least favourite activity was the Handball. I could throw the handball but I couldn’t catch it and I nearly got hit in the face. I was hopeless at handball. This year we are going to experience some new activities. We’re doing Handball, Hip Hop and Ultimate Frisbee again, but we are going to experience Hockey, Basketball and Volleyball. Do you have anything like ‘Coach Approach’ at your school? And what sports do you play at school?
Jessica N 5B.