Cyber Safe quiz

Over the next week, I am asking you to take this quiz with Mum or Dad. Please leave a comment and tell me about something you have discovered about being CyberSmart and discussed with your family. The quiz will take about 20 minutes. The comment is due on the post by next Tuesday, 7th May.

Mr Garcia’s Math blog

Hello 5/6D, Mr Garcia here, thought I will give you all some information about myself. I went to highschool at Salesian in Sunbury and always liked Math and Science. I did’nt decide that I wanted to be a teacher untill I finished school and was studying engineering at the time, now im half way through my teaching course and really enjoying it. When your all at highschool I will be qualified to teach highschools so maybe I could be your teacher in a few years time. Add to the blog with some of your own mathematics experinces, include things such as: What you like, the topics you have the most difficulty with and any extra things you would like to learn during my time in the classroom. Here are some problems you can attempt, it is a good idea to discuss these with your friends and see if you can be the first to solve them ready for next Tuesday.

I am having trouble trying to organise my diary and have some important dates coming up for 2014 and was hoping some students can help me out with these problems. All the days I need to remember the dates of the following starting from January first. If you could work together and solve the days I need to remember for last year. (You may need a calender for this )
A: 2000 seconds
B: 2000 minutes
C: 2000 hours
D: 2000 days
E: 2000 weeks
See if you can find the day and time for each of these events starting from 01.01.14.

Also I need some help designing a theme park the budget for the park is $500,000. On grid paper design a possible plan for the theme park keeping these parametres in mind.

Major ride – 9 squares – $50,000
Minor ride – 6 squares – $20,000
Food and drink shop- 4 squares – $10,000
Toilets – 4 squares – $1,000
Paths – $500 per square
Carpark – $500 per car space (make sure there car spaces for the park!)

Mr. Garcia 30.04.13

Australia needs a New Flag……or does it?

We have been debating this question in class. Our current flag has the Union Jack, the Southern Cross and the Federation star on it. Each of these objects represents Australia and a part of Australian History.

Do you think we need a new Flag?

What’s wrong with the one we have?

What would you change if you were able to create a new flag for Australia?

 Write a comment with your thoughts and suggestions

Maths Challenges

Then go to these websites and practice some of the angles work that we have been covering in the classroom. The more you do the easier it will all become.

Write a comment to let me know how you get on, which one you like best and which you felt was the most helpful.

Essendon Footballers visit NGPS

On Tuesday 19th February we had two very special visitors to our school. Brendan Goddard and Mark Baguley came to talk to the grade 5/6 students. Even if you are not an Essendon supporter it was fantastic to have two professional AFL players visit New Gisborne Primary. They came to explain a little bit about what it was like to be an AFL player. We heard all about their training routines, how important nutrition was as well as the sacrifices they had made to achieve their goal of becoming a professional football player.
The students asked lots of interesting questions and at the end some Essendon fans were lucky enough to get their footy jumpers or footballs signed.

Have a look at our slideshow of the visit. Football players visit schools to publicise AFL and their team but also to inform and educate us. Do you think it is worthwhile having them visit schools? Post a comment with your opinion and why you believe that.



Pantry Plunder – How To Make Delicous Vegetarian Spaghetti

Info: Vegetarian Spaghetti does not contain any type of meat in it. Spaghetti was founded in Italy originally made with meatballs with tomato sauce…

Ingredients: (My famous Vegetarian Spaghetti: Caelan G)

1. Carrots (1-2), diced into 1/8’s

2. Long beans (9), chopped into ¼’s

3. Pizza Sauce (1 Packet), ¾ needed only.

4. Mushrooms (6) with Stem chopped off and the rest diced into four pieces.

5. Green pepper (1), cut into four pieces, use 1 ½ pieces with core cut out.

6. Grated Parmesan Cheese (250g).

7. Olive Oil (4 ½ Teaspoons)

8. Snow peas (6)

9. Spaghetti Pasta (250g)

Method: Once carrots are diced put on a plate with the following: long beans, grated parmesan cheese and snow peas with their skins. Now cut up the green pepper into four pieces and grab 1 ½ bits and cut them up into 14 small pieces and put them on a separate plate with the mushrooms. Next… get a frying pan and put in 4 teaspoons of olive oil, when heated, put in the carrots and other ingredients on that plate, cook until ½ done, now get out a pot and fill to about half depending on the pot size when boiling, put in the spaghetti for 10 min, after, wait about 4 minutes and your carrots, long beans, cheese etc. will be ready and now you can put in plate 2 with the pizza sauce (3/4 of a pack), mix until the pizza sauce is well combined and when the mushrooms and green pepper have turned brown. When the spaghetti and vegies are ready get a bowl. Mix the two together in the bowl. Now set the table with the spaghetti inside the separate ‘EATING BOWLS’. Now Enjoy! By Caelan G 5b.

Solar Boats

Solar Boats

This term the year 5s are studying earth’s power. In addition to this we are creating solar powered boats that will have to travel in stream- line. We are in groups of 4 and we received a booklet on solar boats which we have to complete by the end of the semester. We are going to research and create our own solar boats.


Our group received 2 motors, a propeller, a motor mount, 8x 8 miller metre screws, 3 axel brackets, a 3 position switch, Alligator clips, 3 connector tabs, 4 Solar panels and a sand paper block. The reason we received two motors is because if one breaks we’ve got one extra we got the rest of the materials to help support the boat.


Before we got all the equipment we had to learn about how solar panels work. So we will explain it to you guys. The Sun’s rays called photons hit the solar panels which creates DC power which stands for Direct current. Soon that goes through a generator which changes the DC power in to AC that charges laptops, IPods and D.S. It also turns on lamps and T.Vs.


Once we have created our boats we race them in a giant trough. Two or three boats race at a time to see which is the fastest and to see which boat has the best alignment.  Alignment means how straight the boat goes. Whoever wins the race goes to the next stage at school and the 12 best boats travel to Sunbury to race against other schools.


Does your school do anything like this? If so what type of equipment do you use and what are the restrictions to your boat? If your class makes a ‘Class Boat’ what’s its name and does it run across the water like road-runner. Does your School do a topic like earth’s power?



Caelan, Jaymee, Jess and Macca

Pantry Plunder

Pantry Plunder

Throughout the term, grade 5 have been learning about Nutrition. We have been particularly studying the healthy amounts of Sodium, Sugar and Fat that an average lunch meal should contain.  After we had gathered enough knowledge to understand what is in a healthy meal, by analysing the nutrition panel at the back of recycled food boxes, we found delicious and healthy vegetarian recipes and wrote about them. We were then put into groups of our particular cuisine. Trying to persuade how beneficial and nutritious our recipe’s  are was a bit difficult although once we went on a fantastic and helpful website called Wolfram Alpha and found out exactly how healthy and nutritious our recipe was, it was much easier.


Yesterday all of the groups participated in a stimulating day called Pantry Plunder. Following the itinerary that we created helped a lot until I spilt the Soya Sauce all over it. In the last 15 minutes everyone was rushing and was eager to finish their delicious lunch. At last the judges came over to judge the sodium, sugar, fat, vegetable content and all of our differently- decorated tables and commented on our food. It was quite funny, as all of the parents were told to act seriously. Overall, the day was exactly what it was expected to be. An exciting and hectic day.


What did you creatively cook for Pantry Plunder? If you didn’t participate in Pantry Plunder, what would you have liked to cook? If you are from a school other than New Gisborne Primary, have you ever had a day similar to Pantry Plunder?


By Emily, Jess  and Jessica  5B NGPS


Dear Quad blogging buddies,

The Australian Football League is the most popular sport in Australia. The league was founded by the Victorian Football league in 1887 consisting of 8 teams at that point of time. At that time they only had teams from Victoria.


The name changed in 1990 to the AFL as it was not just based around Victoria. Now the league has 18 teams as the new teams Greater Western Sydney Giants and the Gold Coast Suns has joined.


Before the full season starts there is a pre season called the Nab Cup where the players get a chance to see their opposition in action and the AFL to test out new rules. Therefore after the preseason there are 23 home and away games to get in the finals you need in to the top 8 when you survive all rounds in the finals you get into the Grand Final and whoever wins gets the cup.


My team the mighty Hawks were first on the ladder and won all their final games and got into the grand final,but lost by the tiniest of margins. The atmosphere of a Grand Final is crazy; I was heartbroken as me and my family’s heart and souls are in the footy and the Hawks!


After the seasons they have an AFL draft. This is where players get picked up by clubs according to their position on the final ladder. Last position gets number pick 1 – the most talented young boys while first position gets pick 111.


The 18 teams are Carlton, Hawthorn, Essendon, Adelaide, Geelong, Sydney, GWS, GCS, Kangaroos, Saints, Bulldogs, Lions, Eagles, Richmond, Fremantle, Port, and Melbourne.

Down below are some of the best AFL players of the era: Cyril Rioli [Hawthorn 2nd favourite player] Lance Franklin [Hawthorn AKA Buddy my favourite player] Gary Ablett [Gold Coast]. By Lachie