The Man of the Future

Poetry is a great way to  tell  a story, express feelings and create images. It makes us think so very carefully about the words we use as there is not room for many.

We have created our own  version of the poem “I am  the Man of the Future” They are telling you something about ourselves and the things that are helping to  mould us into the person  we will  become as well  as our dreams and aspirations.

Click on  the book  below to  open our book  and turn  the pages to  read our poems

Would you have similar dreams, have you had similar experiences?

What do  you think of our poems?

I am  a man of the future

4 thoughts on “The Man of the Future

  1. Dear Mrs Stevens,
    I think that everyone wrote their poems really well. I have had some similar experiences as some people said in their poems. Keep the great work up, guys!
    From Ella.

  2. Dear grade 5/6D,
    I loved making the woman of the future page. It was so fun. I loved Shannon’s woman of the future. I had fun.
    From Jasmine

  3. Dear Mrs Stevens,
    I really love the idea of making our poems into an online book. I think it was a great idea. Where did you get the idea from, another blog? I read through them and I really liked all of the poems, they were all very unique.The Victorian goldfields book was cool as well, great description!
    From Hannah 😉 😉 😉

  4. Dear Sienna
    I loved your poem it was interesting and I love the water mark 🙂 (just keep swimming just keep swimming) from Claire

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