RACV Energy Breakthrough and the NGPS Box Car Rally

Our RACV Energy Breakthrough  team is almost ready to  head off to  Maryborough  for the big competition  against the other schools. To  give them  support we hold an  annual  Box Car Rally. We also  held a dress up  day  to  provide a few extra funds for the RACV teams. All  of the school  are involved, making box cars out of cardboard boxes following the theme of something they have studied in  class. It is amazing how innovative some groups can  be. Finally race day  arrives and as you will  see from  the attached photographs a great time is had by all.

Did you help  make a box car?

What decisions did you and your team  have to  make,  were they successful,  what might you do  differently next time?

What did you think of the great racing event? How did your team  go?


19 thoughts on “RACV Energy Breakthrough and the NGPS Box Car Rally

  1. Dear Mrs Stevens,
    I really enjoyed the cardboard car regatta it was really fun. You took some great photos, I especially loved the one of Mr G in his special first aid car. Do you know who actually won?
    From lily

  2. I was the one that help make the car with the horse on it. I just wasn’t there because i was sick. Most of the cart was hard to make, especially getting the horse attached to the cart that was the hardest thing to do, but we did it in the end.

  3. Dear grade 5/6D,
    I had so much fun making and racing in the cardboard cart race. My team won best cart out of all the grade 5/6’s. I loved wearing my P.J’s. It was a lot of fun.
    From Jasmine

  4. Dear Mrs Stevens,
    I think that the day was a great success. Our car came last but we all still had fun. I helped build the car with Zac and Sienna. We made a voting booth because our topic was Democracy. Next time we could make the writing bigger and make the car more colourful.
    From Jack.O 😛 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  5. Dear Mrs Stevens,
    I helped make the box that had a big nose, curly hair, glasses and big ears that fell off before the photo. The idea was to have Abbott’s ears, Gillard’s nose, Hawke’s hair and Rudd’s glasses. If you have not noticed, all of the names that I have just listed are either past or present Prime Ministers. We had five people in our group, so we had to decide who was racing. Our decision was changed. Our team did not do well. The people who won the 5/6 cheated, so the people who came second won. Even though, my team didn’t do well, we had fun.
    From Ella.

  6. I wasn’t there to make the main part of my groups cart but I raced in Ryan’s place on the day. I also helped to reinforce the cart. because it fell apart during practice. I was in the group with the horse and cart. Altogether it was a great day.

  7. HI as you may know I am part of the Energy Breakthrough team and can not wait until Wednesday the 20th of November when we leave to go to Maryborough. We found that the Cardboard Cart Regatta was a great success and we all loved seeing you all in your Pyjamas and your Oneness. I also loved making our cart that won best cart out of the grade 5/6S. From Tia :):P

  8. Hi it’s Aki
    Even though i wasn’t there for the race I helped make the Tony Abbott kart. It was hard sticking the eyes on to the face but it was alright. Apparently our kart came 5th so we did ok.

  9. Dear Mrs Stevens,
    I helped make a car. I made the Gillard’s gang with Jesse, Oscar and Hannah. We didn’t make any decisions except for run fast. We came third in the race but there was a mix up and we got put into the finals because the countdown was on two and Hannah and Jesse were running to the other end we didn’t win. I thought that our racing car was wonderfully decorated and that I thought that we did really well. I didn’t expect the race to be hard.
    I really liked racing and wearing casual clothes. Although it would have been easier if haven’t of worn skinny jeans, I only wore skinny jeans because I didn’t think I was racing. I thought that we got to choose.
    From Jaz B 5/6D

  10. To Mrs Stevens,
    On the first day that we started making the cardboard carts I wasn’t there so I had to join another group. Even though we didn’t win I had a lot of fun and I was so happy that we could come to school out of our school uniform. Plus it was so cool being able to see all the different onsies.

  11. Hi grade 5/6D
    I really enjoyed making our box carts. Our cart didn’t really work well because when we were practicing our massive ear handles fell off then just before the race our big nose also fell of. Our box was also too tall to step into quickly during the race. Did anything on you cart not work or brake during the race? Did you cart win a prize? Did you win a prize and what did you win?
    From Sarah

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