Learning about Government

we were lucky enough to have a visit from by Sally Piper, one of our local Councillors. Sally represents residents of the South Ward of Macedon Ranges Shire. You can find out more about the Councillors here. http://www.mrsc.vic.gov.au/Council_the_Region/About_Council/Councillors_Wards

Sally told us all about what motivated her to run for Council, how it felt to be elected, what happens at Council meetings and much, much more. She was very interesting to listen to and we learnt a lot about how we can all help our community.

What did you enjoy about Sally’s talk?

 What did you learn about our local council?

5 thoughts on “Learning about Government

  1. Hi, it’s Aki I enjoyed the Sally Piper visit to school and I learned lots about how the local government at Macedon ranges shire council works. Such as how the decisions were made in local council. Thanks Aki

  2. Hi guys,
    I think the Sally Piper talk was really interesting and she told us a lot about the local government, like where it was held.
    From Rohan

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