Where in Australia are Rohan, Sarah M and Claire?

This term  three of our classmates are off visiting other places in  Australia. Some are gone for the whole term  and others just for a few weeks. We do  hope that they will  keep  an  eye on  our blog to  see what we are up to back  here at school. It would be great if they can  find the time to post something here to  let us know how they are, what they have seen  and what they have been up  to. Safe travels!

2 thoughts on “Where in Australia are Rohan, Sarah M and Claire?

  1. Hi grade 5/6D
    I had a fantastic holiday. My favourite part of the holiday was going to Uluru and watching the sun set. The worst part of my holiday for me was the helicopter flight over uluru because I felt sick although I did like the views. In Alice Springs we spent most of our time ether on the jumping pillow at the caravan park or on the go-cart which we hired from the caravan park.
    From Sarah M

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