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A few weeks ago Mitchell came in with his ventriloquist dummy and gave a very entertaining performance to our class. We have taken a picture displayed above of Mitchell’s dummy, called Charlie McCarthy. Mitchell got his idea to buy a dummy by reading the Goosebumps books. According to Mitchell’s performance Charlie is very funny and a bit rude. Have you ever read a night of the living dummy Goosebumps books? If you had a ventriloquist dummy what would you name it?


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Jaz, Hannah and Mitchell.


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  1. Hi Mitch, Hannah and Jaz, I really like your post on Charlie McCarthy. I wish I saw Mitchells performance to the grade, I am really disappointed that I missed out! If I had a ventriloquist dummy I would name it Paige. From Olivia

  2. Hi guys,
    Mitchell, your dummy freaked me out a bit !! But he was very funny too!! Keep up the good work with your puppet.
    I have never read the Goosebumps book.
    If i had a puppet like yours i would name it SCARY .
    From Sienna

  3. Hi guys,
    That dummy is awesome, it is really cool and did you buy Mitchell. If not how did you get it? Well done on that post it is great guys and keep practicing with the dummy Mitch

  4. Dear, Hannah, Jaz and Mitchell, Great comment! I haven’t read any of the Goosebumps books. I think that being able to talk without moving your mouth is pretty cool. Can you get Goosebumps books from the school library? If I had a ventriloquist dummy I would name it Dobby. Thanks for the comment, Aki.

  5. Hello Jazz, Hanna and Mich.
    If I had a dummy I would call it mini Tia or something like that. I love your post. Is the goose bumps story scary? From Tia

  6. To Aki and Roan,
    Great job on the post. The mural turned out looking great. The mural is still not finished. I wish I could have done a second disk. Your right it did attract loads of people. I want to do one at home. I just don’t know where to get the disks from. Class 1D is so lucky because they can see the mural through their classroom window. How do you think the mural turned out?

  7. Dear Jaz,Hannah and Mitchell,
    I loved reading your comment and finding out some information about Mitchell’s dummy. I missed out on seeing Mitchell bring in his dummy and I would love to see him do a performance another time. This Question is mostly for Mitchell but do you think that you will be able to do another performance to the class another time.
    From Sarah B

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