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Lately the Grade 5/6’s have been making discs to put on our celebration mural. The grade 5/6’s coated the discs with gesso and then painted over it with the colours we were assigned.

Do you think the wall and our discs look good or not. Our wall has had lots of attraction; do you think it’s good? What do you think the grade 5/6’s could improve on with our discs or mural?

From Aki and Rohan

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  1. Hi guys!
    Wow! Great job on your post! I think that the mural has turned out fantastic! I think that we couldn’t do anything to improve on it. I think that it is so special because we made it. I think that all of the grade 5’s and 6’s have just done so well! I am not at all surprised that it has caught a lot of attention which is just fantastic. Do you think that the paint will ever start to fade? If you think it will, what do you think the school will do?
    From Ella.

  2. Dear Rohan and Aki,
    Firstly, that was a really good idea for a post and I like the heading! I think that painting the discs was so fun! My colour group was orange and red, and my design was a leaf. I chose it because the background was trees. I think that the mural looks great! Every ones designs looks fantastic together and that Sasha had a great idea making it trees in different colour groups! What was the design on your disc and what colour group was it in? Also did you guys enter a background design, if so what was it of?
    From Hannah. 🙂 🙂

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