We love Animals! Animals can be your best friend but also be your enemy. There are cats, dogs,horses, chickens……… we could go on for ever. Animal are so cute until they ATTACK!


Did you know:          Lions live in a grassy den. Newborn cubs are born with her eyes and ears closed and can barely crawl. In 2 months the baby cub when the cub is 2 week old, the cubs eyes and ears have opened and the cub is still wobbly on its feet.  The baby likes to chew on mums tail for a game. After 2 months living in the den it’s time for the young cub to meet daddy.


Did you know that orangutans squeeze out the juice from the fruit to see how ripe it is.


True or False: Hippo mothers goes off to feed, she finds a babysitter.

True or False: Lonely wolves howl at the moon.

Thank you for reading Jasmine and Tia’s post.


10 thoughts on “ANIMALS

  1. Hi Guys!
    Congratulations on a fantastic post! I think that you will get heaps of comments. I like how you have given us little snippets of information about animals before giving us the quiz. I think that mother Hippos’ would not get a baby-sitter when they go out to hunt. Imagine leaving your own child with a complete stranger that just walks by… I would not trust them. I think that lonely wolves do howl at the moon. I think this because it would be like calling out someone’s name. They properly do it to find a friend. What was the most interesting fact that you found out while researching for your post?
    From Ella.

    • Hi Ella,
      Thank you for reading our post. The most interesting thing I found was the Orangutans squeeze juice out of the fruit. Thank you again for reading me and Tia’s post. I will tell you the answers at school to you.
      From Jasmine Course

  2. Hi Jasmine and Tia,
    I love your post. I think the first question is true, and the second question is true as well. You did a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From April 3C

    • Hello April,
      thank you for your comment ask jasmine to tell you the answers so we don’t give the answers away. By Tia

  3. Hi Jasmine and Tia,
    Well done!! I think the first one is true and the second one is true as well. Great job!!!!!
    From Katie

  4. Dear Tia and Jasmine,
    Firstly, I think that your post was very interesting and I like the idea of putting a quiz in it! Well done for thinking outside the box! You guys really know your animals and here are my answers for the animal’s quiz- Hippo mothers goes off to feed, she finds a babysitter- false
    Lonely wolves howl at the moon- true
    Some of the animals that I have at home are-
    A dog named George, who is very cute and he is a sausage dog. A dog called Florence who is so fluffy and friendly. Do you guys have pets? If so what are they? What is your favorite animal? My favorite animal is a seal because they are smart and can do tricks!
    Thanks for reading my comment!
    From Hannah 🙂

  5. Dear Tia and Jasmine,
    I think that your comment is great it has really interesting facts. I think that the quiz is really clever. Maybe next time you should put some more quizzes in. Where did you get the information for the lions and the hippopotamus and all of that?
    No I didn’t know that orangutans squish the fruit but I know something else that orangutans are really smart. When orangutans see men do something like spear fish the orangutans would try to spear the fish as well.
    I have a cat called Dimy she is still 0 she is so fluffy. If you have pets what are their names and what is your favorite? :-3

    These are my answers
    • Hippo mothers goes off to feed, she finds a babysitter- False
    • Lonely wolves howl at the moon- True

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