AFL ( Australian Football Leauge )

Hi everybody,

Today Jack, Lachlan and Lachlan are going to talk about AFL. (Australian Football League). I hope you enjoy our post and comment on it. We want to ask you some questions about local and AFL comps: Who is your favourite AFL football player? What do you think about people bad attitudes when it comes to a friendly game of footy? Who do you barrack for? Do you play football, if you do how are you going and who do you play for? Who do think will win the brown low medal and the Coleman medal? Thank you for reading our post we hope you enjoyed it and please don’t be afraid to post.

From Lachlan, Lachlan and Jack!



9 thoughts on “AFL ( Australian Football Leauge )

  1. Dear Jack, L.J, and lachlan,
    I barrick for the Swannys and I think that Garry Ablett will win the brownlow and I think that Travis Cloke will win the coleman medal. I do play football I play for the Gisborne Rookies and I have one two awards I have one best on ground and power play of the day.
    Dear Jack,
    L.J and Lachlan again, I would like to know on who do you think will end up in the grand final for your div .
    From Oscar.

    • Hi Oscar,
      Thank you for being the first to comment on our post. I think Sunbury and Gisborne (my team) will play in the grand final for our league. It will be a really tough game because we recently just versed and lost by 8 points. Who do you think will win in your league?
      From Jack.O

      • Hi Jack O,
        I think it will be Rupo blue and Rupo gold. Rupo Blue will win for shore they bet Rockbank by 193 points which is heaps. Rupo gold lost to Rupo blue by only a couple of goals. A question for you is who do you think is in the lead for the best and fairest apart from Sam Ramsey.
        From Oscar

  2. Hi Jack, Lachlan and Lachlan.
    Well done on your post! I barrack for the Bombers and I have no idea what who is going to win the Brownlow or the Coleman. I think that it is ridiculous the amount of effort people put into bad attitude in a friendly game of footy. Do any of you guys play footy? If you do, what team do you play for? Well done on your post!
    From Ella.

    • Dear Ella,
      Thank you for commenting on our post. I play fooball for the Gisborne Rookies. Who is your favourite player in the Bombers?
      From Jack.O

      • Hi Jack!
        I don’t know who my favourite player is from the Bombers. What AFL team do you barrack for and who is your favourtie player?
        From Ella.

        • Helllllloooooooooooo Ella,
          I barrack for Carlton and my fav player in Carlton is Chris Judd. I like Chris Judd because he is a gun. Thank you for responding to my comment. My fav player in Essendon is Jobe Watson because he won the brownlow last year. If you could barrack for a team other then Essendon who would you barrack for?

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