What Authors Do You Like?

Hi everyone,

This is Olivia, Lily and Jack M. Today we will be doing a post on favourite authors and recommendations for reading. We strongly hope that you will enjoy our post and we give you some ideas of good authors to read. We did a tally from our class and the authors that got voted on were Jacqueline Wilson, Paul Jennings, Roald Dahl, Cathy Cassidy, Emily Rodda, Jeff Kinney, J.K Rowling and Andy Griffiths. There were 25 votes and the author with the most votes was Andy Griffiths with 9 votes, the second most popular was Jacqueline Wilson with 5 votes, Jeff Kinney with 3, Paul Jennings and Roald Dahl with 2, Cathy Cassidy with 1 and Emily Rodda with 0 but she writes fabulous books. Share your thoughts on our post and write a comment. Which books and authors do you suggest/like? ย Thanks for Reading our post!!!

8 thoughts on “What Authors Do You Like?

  1. Hi Lily, Olivia and Jack!
    Well done on your post! I think that Morris Gleitzman is a fantastic author. Despite the size of his books, (they are very thin!) he describes everything so well. The main books that I suggest are Sticky Beak and Blabber Mouth. Great job on your post! Have fun reading!
    From Ella.

  2. Hi Everyone,
    Some of my favourite books are the Brotherband series by John Flanagan and Harry Potter by J.K Rowling. Everyone probably knows what Harry Potter is about but probably not Brotherband. Brotherband is a three book series set in a Viking village where teenagers are in training to become true Vikings. The main character in this story is Hal, one of the ones training to be a Viking. Though, the twist is that he and his friends are outcasts and their journey is harder than a usual one.
    From Rohan.

  3. Dear Lily, Olivia and Jack M,
    That was a great comment. My favorite author is Laura Milligan. She isn’t a very popular author but she writes really good books. She has got three books called Hocus Pocus versus the stinky pong, Hocus Pocus and giant fairy Gog and Hocus Pocus and the jelly blue blues. They are fantasy and very funny.
    By Jaz

  4. Dear Lily, Olivia and Jack,
    First of all that was a fantastic post and it followed all the criteria so good job! My favorite author is Jackie French even though she is not on the list. The animal star books that she writes are fantastic, I have read 2 of them and I love them both! They are great and really hold your attention. I would definitely recommend them. Did you guys vote in the tally, if so what author did you pick?
    From Hannah ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Hannah,
      Thanks for the comment and yes we did vote. Olivia voted for Jacqueline Wilson, Jack voted for Andy Griffiths and I voted for Rick Riordan.
      From lily

  5. Hi Lily, Olivia and Jack,
    Thanks for your informative post, it’s great to hear about the popular authors from your class. I think the Classroon Libraries will be a great resource for students reading this post as they can now go looking for these particular authors. I think a great way to find a good book/author is to ask your friends and classmates what they have enjoyed. Thanks for a great post, I look forward to hearing from other students in the class about books they are reading at the moment.
    Mrs Lee

  6. Hi, Olivia, Lily and Jack M, Great comment! I love Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling and The Rangers Apprentice series written by John Flanagan which Iโ€™m reading now. I like the Harry Potter series because they are interesting books. The story has lots of twists and turns and every book is quite different, it is really hard to put them down! The Rangers Apprentice is about a boy who has the skills to be a ranger ever since he came to the fief, which is a castle a bit like Hogwarts from Harry Potter. I wonโ€™t tell you anything else because that would spoil the story. Thanks for the post.
    From Aki

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