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Over the next week, I am asking you to take this quiz with Mum or Dad. Please leave a comment and tell me about something you have discovered about being CyberSmart and discussed with your family. The quiz will take about 20 minutes. The comment is due on the post by next Tuesday, 7th May.

17 thoughts on “Cyber Safe quiz

  1. Hi Mrs. Soutter,
    That quiz was fantastic! I learnt two new things. The first I learnt was that you always have to be near your parents when they are looking at your accounts. I was surprised to hear this because I would trust my Mum to have a look around on Mathletics or one of the other online programs we do. Though, I am mainly always near my Mum when she is on one of my accounts to show her around. The second thing that I learnt was that when you see a video clip that scares you, you should always show a parent or teacher to prevent other people from seeing it in the future. Thank you for telling us to do this activity with our Parents because my Mum learnt some new things as well as me.
    From Ella.

  2. Dear Mrs. Soutter,
    I thought that the cyber smart quiz was great, I did it with my Mum. I learnt the any websites can be bad even though it says it is safe. Anyone can make a chat website and they can pretend to be a child and talk to kids.
    From Jaz

  3. Hi Mrs Soutter,
    I really enjoyed doing the quiz with my Mum’s help. I learnt that you must never give out personal details like your full name, email address, home address and your school’s name.
    I also learnt that you need to check age restrictions for internet games and sites.
    Also, if you get any messages that don’t seem real or appropriate, or that are offering prizes/money you should minimise the screen and tell your parent or teacher.

  4. Dear Mrs Soutter,
    That quiz was excellent, my mum thought so to. She thought that it was a good test to keep children well aware of cyber safety and being cyber safe on the internet. I also explored the website a bit and there is some really great advice and information on there as well.
    From lily

  5. Dear Mrs. Soutter,
    I really liked the cyber safety quiz. My mum and I thought it was very informative. I learnt that you shouldn’t give out your email address in websites, even if they say that it is safe. I also learnt that you should never give out you passwords to people and you shouldn’t let people go onto your account exept for your mum and dad with you watching.
    From Hannah

  6. Dear Mrs Soutter, I really enjoyed doing the quiz. Like Ella I was a little surprised that you can’t give your parents your password and leave them alone on the site. I am usually there to guide them though and have never given them my password and left them. I was surprised because I answered no to a question that asked if you can you put your nickname on a site but it said that you can but you have to ask your parents. It just goes to show that you have to take care on the internet, and that people have to be aware when on the internet. I think that all kids at some stage should do the test to make sure that children really are aware about cyber safety and being safe on the internet. From Olivia

  7. Dear Mrs. Soutter,
    I thought that the cyber smart quiz was good. However some of the questions about websites were not very clear. I got all the questions correct. Most of the things I knew already but it was still useful and good revision.
    From Aki

  8. Hi Everyone,
    I really enjoyed this website! One of the things I learnt was that even if your parents are on a safe and protected site you have to be with them. My dad liked this website to.
    From Rohan.

  9. Hi Mrs Soutter,
    I did the Cyber Smart quiz with my mum and we both really enjoyed it. I wasn’t quite sure about minimising the violent video before telling a parent or teacher because I thought that someone else could watch it if it wasn’t deleted. I didn’t know I should be there when mum or dad are checking out programs like Mathletics or Spellodrome because I trust them and I know they aren’t going to go online and pretend to be me and answer all the questions. Thank you for the quiz.
    From Sarah M

  10. Hi Mrs Soutter,
    I pressed start quize and it just said error but i will try again soon sorry. from shannon sorry.

  11. Dear Mrs Soutter,
    I thought the cyber smart quiz was really helpful. I learnt that any site can have virus on it and that sometimes strangers pretend to be our age.
    From Jack.

  12. Hi Mrs Soutter,
    The quiz was really great! I learnt that you don’t give any personal information and you always have to have a parent around you. I really enjoyed the cyber safety quiz it was really great!
    From Shannon.

  13. Dear Mrs Soutter,
    I really enjoyed the quiz. It was so fun! I learnt all the websites can be bad and you need a parent around you when you put in a password.
    From Jasmine.C

  14. The test is a great idea for kids to learn what to write online and what not. I love the fact that every body is learning this stuff

  15. Dear Mrs Soutter,
    I love the quiz and I was glad to now that I am very cyber safe. I found out that I am very cyber smart by getting all the answers right in the quiz. I also found out that even if a site says it is safe doesn’t mean it is safe.
    From Sarah

  16. I think that the quiz is a rely good because it can tech people lessons about cyber safety and see how safe you are.

  17. Dear Mrs Soutter,
    I thought the cyber safe website was great. It has so much helpful advice. I am very cyber safe. I will use all of the advice given on the website. From Mitchell.

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