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Hello 5/6D, Mr Garcia here, thought I will give you all some information about myself. I went to highschool at Salesian in Sunbury and always liked Math and Science. I did’nt decide that I wanted to be a teacher untill I finished school and was studying engineering at the time, now im half way through my teaching course and really enjoying it. When your all at highschool I will be qualified to teach highschools so maybe I could be your teacher in a few years time. Add to the blog with some of your own mathematics experinces, include things such as: What you like, the topics you have the most difficulty with and any extra things you would like to learn during my time in the classroom. Here are some problems you can attempt, it is a good idea to discuss these with your friends and see if you can be the first to solve them ready for next Tuesday.

I am having trouble trying to organise my diary and have some important dates coming up for 2014 and was hoping some students can help me out with these problems. All the days I need to remember the dates of the following starting from January first. If you could work together and solve the days I need to remember for last year. (You may need a calender for this )
A: 2000 seconds
B: 2000 minutes
C: 2000 hours
D: 2000 days
E: 2000 weeks
See if you can find the day and time for each of these events starting from 01.01.14.

Also I need some help designing a theme park the budget for the park is $500,000. On grid paper design a possible plan for the theme park keeping these parametres in mind.

Major ride – 9 squares – $50,000
Minor ride – 6 squares – $20,000
Food and drink shop- 4 squares – $10,000
Toilets – 4 squares – $1,000
Paths – $500 per square
Carpark – $500 per car space (make sure there car spaces for the park!)

Mr. Garcia 30.04.13

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