Crazy Hair for a Good Cause

On Friday we had a crazy, crazy hair day at NGPS. We were trying to raise some money for the Leukaemia Foundation. Leukaemia is a type of cancer of the blood or bone marrow. One of our teachers was sponsored to shave her hair off, she was pretty brave especially with the whole school watching it in assembly.

13 thoughts on “Crazy Hair for a Good Cause

  1. Crazy hair day was awesome I loved it. Heaps of people came with crazy hair but some didn’t. It was really funny when Mrs preaudet shaved her hair. After all of that it was really fun.

  2. Wow I loved crazy hair day it was really cool .Ms preaudet was really brave to shave her hair at ASSEMBLY! In my opinion I think Ms Peaudet actually looked really good. I loved it

  3. Dear Mrs Stevens,

    I liked having crazy hair day because I knew the money was going to a good cause. I liked crazy hair day even though I didn’t do my hair but in the morning everyone rampaged me and put pipe cleaners in my hair. I really liked how everyone had fun making their hair crazy.

    From Lachlan

  4. Dear Mrs Stevens,
    I thought crazy hair day was a massive success. Some people’s hair was amazing. When assembly came I was really excited about Mrs P shaving her hair. When the time came all you could hear was every one shouting Mrs P Mrs P Mrs P. Finally all her hair was on the floor. I thought she looked weird.
    By Jack.O

  5. Dear Mrs Stevens, I think everyone had crazy hair! I think Lily deserved the craziest hair for the grade! I was really disappointed that I didn’t get to participate. I think it was a good idea to vote because that was a way which was fair. I think some people had some really good ideas and went to a lot of trouble. I think it was cool that this year one person from every grade got a prize, and that the prize was smiggle. From Olivia

  6. Dear Mrs Stevens,

    I liked crazy hair day because you had so much freedom in how to style your hair. the person who got the craziest hair was Lily she had big feathers in her hair it looked cool. The bad thing was you could not put your hat on and when you did it felt weird. For my hair I had a Mohawk with spikes coming out for my hair.

    By Harry

  7. Dear Mrs Stevens,
    I really enjoyed Friday when we did crazy hair day. I really liked most of the hairstyles everyone did to their hair that day but I don’t think any of them are ready to be hair dressers quite yet. When I heard that Ms Preaudet was shaving her hair of for the Leukaemia Foundation I thought she was very brave. I hope that we raised a lot of money for the Leukaemia Foundation.
    From Sarah B

  8. Dear Mrs Stevens,
    The crazy hair day was fabulous everyone had different hair styles and lots of creative things in their hair. I had so much fun just putting hair spray in my brothers and sisters hair. Mrs Preaudet was very brave to shave all of her hair off in front of the whole assembly. I hope we made a difference for the person that has Leukaemia.
    From Jaz

  9. Dear Mrs Stevens,
    Crazy Hair day was so much fun, everywhere I walked people would turn around and look at me. I’ve got to say, my hair was pretty wacky. In the morning before school I was really excited to see what everyone else had come up with. That night it took me about half an hour to get all the feathers, bun nets, pins, pipe cleaners and hair ties out of my hair. I agree, Ms Preaudet was incredibly brave, especially considering all the students, parents and teachers were all there at the time.
    From Lily 5/6 D

  10. Dear Mrs Stevens,
    Wow that was a good slide show, crazy hair day was so much fun. It was cool to see everyone’s hair styles, they were really out there. I agree that Ms Preaudet was really brave and it was a really good cause, I think the Leukaemia foundation would have got heaps of money since everyone in the school brought a gold coin donation. I think it was pretty cool how everyone had unique hair styles.
    From Hannah

  11. Hi every one
    I looked crazy when i took my hair out it went poof and when I had a shower all my shampoo went yellow . My brother did not wash his hair for a week and every where we went he had to were a hat how crazy is that. Sincerly Sienna

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