Solar Boats

Solar Boats

This term the year 5s are studying earth’s power. In addition to this we are creating solar powered boats that will have to travel in stream- line. We are in groups of 4 and we received a booklet on solar boats which we have to complete by the end of the semester. We are going to research and create our own solar boats.


Our group received 2 motors, a propeller, a motor mount, 8x 8 miller metre screws, 3 axel brackets, a 3 position switch, Alligator clips, 3 connector tabs, 4 Solar panels and a sand paper block. The reason we received two motors is because if one breaks we’ve got one extra we got the rest of the materials to help support the boat.


Before we got all the equipment we had to learn about how solar panels work. So we will explain it to you guys. The Sun’s rays called photons hit the solar panels which creates DC power which stands for Direct current. Soon that goes through a generator which changes the DC power in to AC that charges laptops, IPods and D.S. It also turns on lamps and T.Vs.


Once we have created our boats we race them in a giant trough. Two or three boats race at a time to see which is the fastest and to see which boat has the best alignment.  Alignment means how straight the boat goes. Whoever wins the race goes to the next stage at school and the 12 best boats travel to Sunbury to race against other schools.


Does your school do anything like this? If so what type of equipment do you use and what are the restrictions to your boat? If your class makes a ‘Class Boat’ what’s its name and does it run across the water like road-runner. Does your School do a topic like earth’s power?



Caelan, Jaymee, Jess and Macca

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