Pantry Plunder

Pantry Plunder

Throughout the term, grade 5 have been learning about Nutrition. We have been particularly studying the healthy amounts of Sodium, Sugar and Fat that an average lunch meal should contain.  After we had gathered enough knowledge to understand what is in a healthy meal, by analysing the nutrition panel at the back of recycled food boxes, we found delicious and healthy vegetarian recipes and wrote about them. We were then put into groups of our particular cuisine. Trying to persuade how beneficial and nutritious our recipe’s  are was a bit difficult although once we went on a fantastic and helpful website called Wolfram Alpha and found out exactly how healthy and nutritious our recipe was, it was much easier.


Yesterday all of the groups participated in a stimulating day called Pantry Plunder. Following the itinerary that we created helped a lot until I spilt the Soya Sauce all over it. In the last 15 minutes everyone was rushing and was eager to finish their delicious lunch. At last the judges came over to judge the sodium, sugar, fat, vegetable content and all of our differently- decorated tables and commented on our food. It was quite funny, as all of the parents were told to act seriously. Overall, the day was exactly what it was expected to be. An exciting and hectic day.


What did you creatively cook for Pantry Plunder? If you didn’t participate in Pantry Plunder, what would you have liked to cook? If you are from a school other than New Gisborne Primary, have you ever had a day similar to Pantry Plunder?


By Emily, Jess  and Jessica  5B NGPS

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