Pantry Plunder – How To Make Delicous Vegetarian Spaghetti

Info: Vegetarian Spaghetti does not contain any type of meat in it. Spaghetti was founded in Italy originally made with meatballs with tomato sauce…

Ingredients: (My famous Vegetarian Spaghetti: Caelan G)

1. Carrots (1-2), diced into 1/8’s

2. Long beans (9), chopped into ¼’s

3. Pizza Sauce (1 Packet), ¾ needed only.

4. Mushrooms (6) with Stem chopped off and the rest diced into four pieces.

5. Green pepper (1), cut into four pieces, use 1 ½ pieces with core cut out.

6. Grated Parmesan Cheese (250g).

7. Olive Oil (4 ½ Teaspoons)

8. Snow peas (6)

9. Spaghetti Pasta (250g)

Method: Once carrots are diced put on a plate with the following: long beans, grated parmesan cheese and snow peas with their skins. Now cut up the green pepper into four pieces and grab 1 ½ bits and cut them up into 14 small pieces and put them on a separate plate with the mushrooms. Next… get a frying pan and put in 4 teaspoons of olive oil, when heated, put in the carrots and other ingredients on that plate, cook until ½ done, now get out a pot and fill to about half depending on the pot size when boiling, put in the spaghetti for 10 min, after, wait about 4 minutes and your carrots, long beans, cheese etc. will be ready and now you can put in plate 2 with the pizza sauce (3/4 of a pack), mix until the pizza sauce is well combined and when the mushrooms and green pepper have turned brown. When the spaghetti and vegies are ready get a bowl. Mix the two together in the bowl. Now set the table with the spaghetti inside the separate ‘EATING BOWLS’. Now Enjoy! By Caelan G 5b.

One thought on “Pantry Plunder – How To Make Delicous Vegetarian Spaghetti

  1. Dear Caelan.
    I recently tried this recipe at home and I admit, it is delicious. Thanks for sharing it. I highly recommend this recipe to anyone and everyone that needs a tasty meal.
    From AJ

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